Are you in a job that isn’t satisfying? A small investment in a Helio Training bootcamp can be all the difference you need to change your career. At Helio Training, we offer bootcamps which prepare you to work in the tech industry. You’ll learn in an intense, tech-focused environment taught by instructors who are passionate educators, each with years of experience in the industry. Through our curriculum, you’ll learn leading dev skills and work on real-world projects with industry partners, putting you on an excellent trajectory towards your career in development.

Web Development Full Stack

Learn how to design and build complete websites from end-to-end.

Start Date Type Location More Info
Sept 9, 2019 Immersive Draper
Sept 16, 2019 After Hours | Level 1 Draper
Sept 23, 2019 After Hours | Level 2 Salt Lake City
Oct 7, 2019 After Hours | Level 1 Online
Oct 7, 2019 After Hours | Level 1 Salt Lake City
Oct 7, 2019 Immersive Salt Lake City

Software QA Testing

Learn how to test software in order to transition into a career in tech.

Start Date Type Location More Info
September 9, 2019 After-hours Salt Lake City

UI/UX Design

Learn the skills required to bridge the science of development with the art of design.

Start Date Schedule Location More Info
Oct 7, 2019 After Hours Salt Lake City

Game Development Unity

Learn how to build and code games, as well as AR/VR and other game dev principles.

Start Date Type Location More Info
September 9, 2019 After-Hours Online
May 13, 2019 Immersive Salt Lake City

Meet Some Recent Graduates

Do you want to know what it is like to be a Helio Training student first-hand? Play this video to get to know some our recent grads, meet one of our instructors, get an idea of our unique approach, and learn about the job opportunities you will have when you complete one of our bootcamps.

Industry-Strength Bootcamps

Ready for a challenge? Our bootcamps are intense. They are built for speed and will transform you into a tech expert in no time. We work with you to develop your technical skills and more importantly, enhance your team skills, build your professionalism, and show you how to become a passionate life-long learner. Let us help you find the right path for you.

The Helio Advantage

At Helio Training, we see bootcamps as modular powerups to advance your technical skills and education. Our bootcamps are designed for both beginner and advanced technology professionals to learn what they need to know to move their career forward. And our corporate training is custom designed to help every company achieve their goals.


If you’re serious about advancing your career, apply for one of our online or on-campus bootcamps now.