About Helio Training

After more than 10 years of educating students in computer science, Neumont University’s executive team recognized the continuous demand for technology professionals and the need to diversify the industry. To accomplish those goals, they looked for a non-traditional approach to skills-based training and they found bootcamps, condensed short-term courses focused on student outcomes. They founded Helio Training in 2016 to bring their project-based approach to software development education to more students. Today, Helio Training offers hands-on, in-person, and online training to individuals and corporations looking to develop their tech skills at its downtown Salt Lake City campus.

The Helio Approach

At Helio Training, techies, career changers, and dev teams collide. We are passionate educators with an expertise in technology who work closely with our industry partners to develop a curriculum that is light on theory and heavy on practical application to train software developers now. Our goal is to teach cutting-edge software development skills, fast. All courses are designed to be learner-focused with a hands-on approach, so students are engaged throughout the course.

The Helio Team

Aaron Reed, Ed.D.
Aaron Reed, Ed.D.President
Thor Anderson, Ph.D.
Thor Anderson, Ph.D.Director of Academics
David Preece
David PreeceDirector of Operations
Britta Nelson
Britta NelsonCareer Services Manager
Weston Bell
Weston BellAdmissions Advisor
Tyler Garlick
Tyler GarlickLead Instructor
Josh Krebs
Josh KrebsInstructor
Kyle Hunt
Kyle HuntAdjunct Instructor
Tom Beatty
Tom BeattyInstructor
Tim Clark
Tim ClarkInstructor
Ryan Cox
Ryan CoxInstructor
Matt Warner
Matt WarnerInstructor

Our Location

The newly renovated space has been designed exclusively for use as a tech training center. That means you’ll have access to plenty of outlets and high-speed internet along with comfortable chairs and desks for hands-on learning. Our campus also has a great lounge for you to relax or get some work done during breaks, and you’ve got loads of lunch options right out our door.

Helio Training’s campus is in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah at 165 South Main Street, Suite 300 (in The Herald Building). And, you’ll enjoy free parking when you attend a Helio bootcamp.

Our Courses

Helio Training offers bootcamps for individuals and customized corporate training for software development teams.

Our bootcamps are both full-time, immersive and part-time, after-hours programs. Current course offerings include full-stack web development and Unity training for game devs.

Each corporate training is customized to fit the needs of the dev team. We work with you to develop measurable learning outcomes before training begins, and we work with you after the training to assess how those outcomes were met in addition to providing resources to help your team to continue to learn.

Helio Training & Neumont University

Although Helio Training is an independent institution, our relationship to Neumont University gives us a unique advantage. We borrow from Neumont University’s tradition of excellence in education and technology. We have a proven blueprint for successfully training students to succeed in the tech industry through a hands-on, project-based approach to learning that focuses on teaching the latest tech. It is important to understand that courses taken at Helio Training are not for college credit and are not directly associated with Neumont University.

Tour the Campus

We can’t wait to take you on a tour of our new campus. In the meantime, here is a sneak preview.