The Official Helio Training Podcast

The Official Helio Training Podcast2018-01-10T19:37:34+00:00

[smbtoolbar] What the Helio?! – Helio Training’s official podcast, featuring host Matt and lead instructor/industry expert Tyler Garlick. WTHelio?! will cover web dev subjects, interviews with industry specialists and Helio grads, topical debates, humorous tidbits and more.

EPISODE FOUR: Introducing Wes Mantooth, Helio Instructor



In the third episode of What the Helio?, Tyler covers the importance of learning Vanilla JS before the two start geeking out about the upcoming Star Wars movie.

EPISODE TWO: Interview with Helio Training alumni Brad Hain

Episode two! Matt and Tyler talk with Brad Hain, Helio alumnus and web dev industry professional. Brad discusses his life before Helio Training, his experience learning how to code in JavaScript, and his love of steak.


EPISODE ONE: The State of the Industry: ES2015

In the first episode, Tyler and Matt discuss the current dilemma in outdated JS practice (ES5), what can and should be done to fix this issue, and then spend a couple of minutes chatting about nerd stuff.


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