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We’re just getting started at Helio Training, and already our courses are challenging individuals to expand their technical skill set. Watch the video to hear from a few recent graduates about what learning is like at Helio and the kinds of job offers they accepted. Then, read below for what a few of our industry partners had to say about their experiences with Helio. You too can experience the Helio advantage. Apply now for one of our bootcamps or call us at 801-302-2900 for more information.

This is an AWESOME course and would definitely recommend it! I met with multiple bootcamps and did my research for months before deciding to attend Helio and am glad I did. I came into this course with no prior knowledge of Javascript and very little knowledge about HTML and CSS. The instructor is extremely knowledgeable about web development, can answer any question and is wiling to help whenever needed. The best part about Helio is they have teachers who have been in the industry, so they don’t just teach you what you need to know, they also show you best practices and what you are going to experience in industry.

Tanner Crockett, Full-stack Web Dev Graduate, January 2017 Cohort

The instructors’ experience is invaluable. Many bootcamps focus on relevant, but older standards (Angular). The instructors at Helio have an incredible scope of cutting-edge industry standards (Redux, Polymer, node.js API’s, Docker Containers). They also teach the latest updates and the purpose behind the build for programs like Angular. There are pros and con to both styles, but entering the industry through Helio will make you incredibly valuable to a forward-thinking employer.

James Ferry, Full-stack Web Dev Graduate, January 2017 Cohort

I entered this course with backgrounds in HTML, CSS, some JavaScript, PHP, a few other scripting languages.  I left this course with a much more firm understanding of Node.js, MongoDB, Hosting, and Angular.js.  Overall, this was a great class and the pricing was reasonable.  Also, I found the instructors to be extremely knowledgeable as they’ve proven themselves in industry.  Helio’s administration was equally accommodating -this ranged from Career Services help, parking validations, expectation/requirements setting, and lastly, weekly feedback checks with students.  I would recommend Helio Training to others interested in learning these technologies from a Full Stack Perspective.

Scott Fayer, Full-stack Web Dev Graduate, August 2016 Cohort

Of all the technical trainings I’ve attended over my 10+ years in Quality Assurance/Engineering, I would rank the Coded UI training near the top when considering clarity, breadth of content, and immediate applicability to my daily job.

Dylan Girardo, eBay

My experience with Helio Training has not only been a transformative one, but, one that has opened my eyes to the possibilities that exist in the world of technology and software development. Having taken the course, I am now proud to say I have successfully applied the material I have learned to advance my career and find meaningful employment in a fast-paced and innovative technology company. The instructors are of an incredibly high caliber and deliver instruction in creative, effective, and understandable ways. The instructors and mentors are always highly available and enthusiastic when assisting students on solving the issue at hand. Ultimately, my experience with Helio Training has been nothing short of incredible – I would, without hesitation, recommend Helio Training to anyone wanting to add pursue a new, challenging, and meaningful opportunity in life.

John Figueiredo, Full-stack Web Dev Graduate, August 2016 Cohort, Berkadia

My experience at Helio Training has been great from the first point of contact with Admissions.  They answered every question I had, from which program would be best for me, to finance options to help pay for the bootcamp.   I tried to learn to code on my own, and I could only get so far until I realized the true value in going to a bootcamp.  Having a live intstructor and a class mentor, who were very knowledgable and available to answer our questions when we needed them was what I needed to break through.  They understand that some of us come from zero knowledge, and I never felt stupid for getting help during the course.  We went over a lot of content at a rapid pace, and I was able to complete a full stack application for final projects by the end, but I still have a way to go to really round out my skiils as a developer.  One of my biggest takeaways from the program is learning how to learn on my own, and now that my co-hort is over, I feel confident taking deeper dives into the stack we learned, and even moving forward learning other programming languages.  Career Services presented great workshops to help build our resumes, create our network on linkedIn, and prepare for interviews.  They had us starting to apply for jobs way earlier than I felt comfortable with, but just do what they say, and trust their process.  If you have any concerns, talk to the staff, and they will work with you at whatever level you are comfortable with.  We did mock interviews, which I initially didn’t want to do, but it was one of the most helpful parts of the process for me.  We got helpful feedback on our performance and practice for the technical part of the interview.  From what I learned in class, and following the steps that Career Services set forth, I received a job offer the day before my bootcamp ended.  It is a perfect fit for where I am in my development career.  I will be using HTML, CSS, and Javascript as a Support Specialist at a tech company.  It is very challenging, but very rewarding if you stick with it.  Helio’s Full Stack Web Development bootcamp is for anyone, of any age, who wants to level up in life.

Teresa Beredo, Full-stack Web Dev Graduate, Crownpeak

I had an advocate every day. The instructor was very patient with my questions.

Robert Parish, Willis Towers Watson